“Bridge to Neverland” by Sarah Rae

“Bridge to Neverland” is Sarah Raes first album release. This Atlanta based artist is the vocalist, songwriter, plays the keys, and is the producer. She has instrumental help from Anthony and Steve Bob as the guitarists, Chris on the bass and Nick as the drummer. This album was recorded here in Atlanta in my own studio, and the entirety of the production was written by Sarah, and any instruments she couldn’t record was done by the session artists listed above.

When asked how they met, it was said that the entire band fell together under random, and serendipitous situations! Sarah writes all of the music, and wanted to finally get in to performing live. She then met Anthony because he moved in behind her, and they just hit it off. One by one, she found everyone else through Instagram because they loved her music, and now they are Sarah Rae & the Sunshines when they’re live on stage!

The album starts off with self titled song “Bridge to Neverland”, this euphoric song has a light drum mixed with ethereal vocals and guitar that is going to melt your soul. This song is the perfect introduction to the album because it gives you an idea of what to expect from Sarah. Vocally this song feels like it takes you to a higher plane.

Keeping the same slow vibe, Sarah switches it up, “Is It You, or Is It Me…?” is the song that you makes you lay in the grass while you stare at the sky and just think about any and everything. Have you ever been in a relationship and ever wondered if you were the problem or if it’s them? Just put on this song and it will help you find that answer.

Sarah takes a different turn with “Shadow Girl”, this is more upbeat and has an almost surfer like tone to it. Sarah’s voice hitting every high note possible is something that everyone needs to hear, this song summons all of the “weirdos” to come from their shadows and just be yourselves.

“Selenite Soul” ends the album and it ends on a high note, this is the perfect mixture of upbeat and of slow. The song makes you want to dance but at the same time you can use this song to help you focus on something that is important to you.

“Bridge to Neverland” from Sarah Rae is a must listen to, it’s the best album to get you out of your head but still keep you in a good mood. This is something that will be played for years to come.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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