“Florida Moon” by The Inevitables

With a jazzy upbeat tempo, “Florida Moon” by The Inevitables is a unique version of an apocalyptic love song. The Inevitables describe themselves as an “art and music project” centering on a group of nobodies who are attempting to stop the end of the world. “Florida Moon” in particular tells the story of two people who’ve found love just as they’ve discovered that the world is ending. 

“Is it worth a shot if I told you the world was ending soon?” Should we still pursue this love even though we don’t have much life left to live? I love what this song asks us to consider. Is love still worth it- does it mean anything at all- if even the memory of it will soon cease to exist? According to The Inevitables, the answer is a resounding yes. 

My favorite line in this song is “the world is ending, at least the world we knew.” In a literal sense the world is ending, but the world these characters knew pre-love is ending too. Falling in love feels like your world is changing as your partner becomes your world. The double meaning of this line is clever and beautiful.

Because this song is sonically upbeat, it gives room for these existential lyrics to actually come across as hopeful. Falling in love as the world falls apart makes the end of time a bit less frightening. A tragic story with a rose-colored tint, “Florida Moon” is immersive and brilliant.

Written by Emily Cushing





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