“Format Mind” by High Water Bridge

High Water Bridge’s new track “Format Mind” is a psychedelic mind-trip that belongs in a movie. The track begins quiet: its electronic instrumental, and a slow-building tension that will make the back of the head’s listener’s hair stand up. As the music gets louder, vocals are heard in the background, which are somewhat haunting. The main hushed vocals then arrive: low-toned, raspy, and truly beautiful.

“Format Mind” has lyrics about processing loss and being able to let go, but how it’s in a technological landscape. Some lyrics that stand out are: “They cut you open, they sew you closed” and lyrics about machines and networks, seemingly referencing our current world climate and how we are in a hostile technological environment. The raspy, whisper-like vocals are breathtaking and truly mesmerizing. Along with the main vocals, the vocals heard in the background and electronic instrumental are subtle yet vibrant and expressive; They aren’t too in the listener’s face, but they make the listener gravitate closer to the music.

High Water Bridge is a five-piece experimental band that strays from the typical experimental music. Just “Format Mind” alone has rock, dream pop, electronic, and chillwave elements. Although there are elements of different genres, it doesn’t feel forced, and it feels unique and special to the band. 

High Water Bridge consists of Alex Kromhout on vocals and bass, Nick Erasmus on drums, Jason King on the keyboard, Nelis van Tonder on guitar, and Kendal Beadon on vocals, bass, and keyboards.  Since releasing their debut album “Senescence” in 2020, the band has been writing as much music as possible. With such a unique sound, High Water Bridge is a band to look out for in 2022.

Photo Credits: Nick Erasmus

Written by Melissa Cusano

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