“Drinkin’ in Berlin” by Echo Coast

Echo Coast is the creative songwriting project of singer songwriter James Hobbs. It is a project he put together last year when he was looking to experiment further with his songwriting. He has been gaining inspiration from living on the South Coast of England, the history, people and eccentricities of seaside towns; the name Echo Coast felt right to him.

His latest single “Drinkin’ in Berlin” is a punk/surfer 70s vibe. It was recorded at Ford Lane Studios by music producer Rob Quickenden.

This song came about because according to James, during lockdown he found himself watching a lot of music documentaries and went on a bit of a punk tangent watching a Stooges documentary and then another about the 70s punk scene. He then felt inspired by the energy that scene created and wanted to try and do something with a punk ethos but lo fi with a modern twist, psychedelic punk.

While that may seem like a mouthful, it’s safe to say that he achieved that unique vibe he was going for. “Drinkin’ in Berlin” is a very 70s punk scene that makes you want to mosh, go to the skatepark, maybe even a walk but it provides the vibe of being outdoors and exerting your energy.

Echo Coast is back and doing amazing things. This is the first single of 2022 and it describes a time pre covid when things were just light hearted and fun. When you listen to “Drinkin’ in Berlin” it transports you back to that time. It very nostalgic and makes you excited for future music to come.

“Drinkin’ in Berlin” is my latest single and will form part of an EP I plan to release later in the year. It’s loosely based on pre covid nights out I’ve had in Berlin with friends and the subsequent hangover the next day. A little embellished perhaps (or is it!?)” -James Hobbs….Echo Coast

Written by Jaye Maverick





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