“I know something that I shouldn’t” by Isolated Corners

From the United Kingdom…Exeter to be exact, comes Edward Tucker. He is a solo artist, he is Isolated Corners, he plays and produces everything you hear on this single “I know something that I shouldn’t” and his upcoming EP due to come out this March. He describes this upcoming EP as “high energy, all killer no filler.”

Being a solo artist can be difficult, doing everything on your own can become tedious. Once Edward figured out how to get my guitar on the computer there was no stopping him. Isolated Corners came about 2017, in his bedroom studio. He made a small ambient EP focusing on eerier and unsettling vibes and sounds and along the way his production and writing style has grown into an aggressive Post-rock / post-punk kind of sound that you’ll hear on this first single off his upcoming EP.

This catchy loop will have you head bobbing and body jiggling just as soon as it starts. According to Edward this song is about not feeling alone, but who or what you’re being watched by is up to interpretation. NSA, ghosts, your mum, you choose. The feeling of being watched in enough to make a person go crazy. Knowing the truth can sometimes cause major problems.

“I know something that I shouldn’t” gives you the post punk vibes you didn’t know you needed. The music video that accompanies it is just as entertaining as the song itself. The black and white film provides another aspect to the song and make its a bit funny, although the seriousness of his lyrics are not unnoticed. Isolated Corners is making music for the misunderstood and it makes his upcoming EP that much more exciting.

“I feel like my songs finally have the energy I’ve always wanted them to have. All it took was a bit of distortion and yelling.” – Edward Tucker…Isolated Corners

Written by Jaye Maverick




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