“Can’t Stay Awake” by Sugar Relics

Undoubtedly, mental health is an important issue, which has been addressed a lot during the pandemic, since the lockdowns have negatively impacted many. And Los Angeles act Sugar Relics addresses mental health issues in their dark electro-pop piece, “Can’t Stay Awake.” While the instrumentals, especially the beat, are alluring, the lyrics are attention-grabbing because of how real and relatable they sound.

Being in a dark place, it’s difficult to not want to linger in that darkness and sleep all day. In the track, Sugar Relics paint wanting to linger in that darkness and the urge to sleep as a villain, which it should be because in those moments where you decide to live and do things you enjoy to prevent yourself from seeping back into that darkness, that urge returns, calling you to sleep all day and wallow in the darkness.  Sugar Relics successfully demonstrates these emotions and thoughts powerfully. Despite it being a moody track, it holds great energy and color.

Laura Serafine is the singer and you can tell from all the passion and emotion in her voice that the words come from a personal place. Serafine’s voice is enticing and she showcases her range beautifully. It takes a certain prowess to be able to move your audience through your performance and Serafine did just that!

“Can’t Stay Awake” is the perfect piece for those who are battling mental health issues. If you enjoyed the song, feel free to listen to it on all music streaming platforms and follow Sugar Relics on social media.

Written by Taylor Berry

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