“influencer” by Lazy Hunter

If you’re looking to have your mind blown, listen to “influencer” by Lazy Hunter. Teeming with odd time signatures and modal chord structures, this song feels like something almost academic–and if any of those phrases sounded complex to you, it’s because they are. There’s no question Lazy Hunter knows what they’re doing, but how they managed to make a song so equally cerebral and accessible is bewildering.

To start with, the production and instrumentation are extremely gratifying. The intro welcomes this live drum groove in an asymmetrical-sounding 6/8 paired with some low piano hits. It’s not necessarily the average rock instrumentation, but it fits the song perfectly. The guitar sits in the background, chugging through ghost notes and providing another rhythmic layer. The vocals have a blanket of reverb, chorus, and echo that enhance the singer’s tone. The synths, at first, manifest as glimmers and short flashes but eventually evolve into a full keyboard solo. All of this combined gives the song a well-rounded yet dreamy sound. 

As for the lyrical content, this song has a pretty clear message. The first verse is written from the perspective of an influencer, describing their seemingly perfect belongings, body, and life. The second verse is less about imagery and more about tearing down the picture painted in the first verse, with lyrics like, “You’re not the things you do,” and “Show me who you really are.” This simple juxtaposition builds a strong theme and easy-to-follow storyline. Not to mention, the lyrics just sound pleasant in general. 

This group has major potential. Everything about this song is well-thought-out, but it feels intuitive. If you like contemporary rock, definitely keep Lazy Hunter on your radar. 

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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