“Doombox” by Moon Walker

“Doombox” is the newest release by the political rock group Moon Walker. Known for its powerful lyrics and unforgettable grooves, this new release is no exception. Fed-up and tired with all the shit going on around them, Moon Walker brings unmatched energy. Released alongside a music video that captures the frustration and energy of the band phenomenally. A cool release from a band that you’re going to be hearing more of in the future.

Raw and upset, the band channels their angst in a cool and unprecedented way. With lyrics akin to Rage Against The Machine, they channel their anger in a catchy and listenable way. It’s easy to just yell at the people and things you’re upset with, but Moon Walker makes it enjoyable to listen to as well, which is no easy feat. What sets them apart from others, however, is their ability to show personality. Yes, they’re upset with the system – but that doesn’t stop them from being themselves.
Released alongside fun and entertaining music video that perfectly captures the band’s mix of playfulness and angst. Instead of demanding to be taken seriously, the band almost beckons to not be taken seriously and see what happens. Supported by infectious guitar lines that fit perfectly alongside futuristic synths and the band’s in-your-face style of delivery. “Doombox” is an awesome release and one of the best releases so far from this talented group. Moon Walker is a band that refuses to be ignored – and deserves any and all the attention they get.

“Doombox” by Moon Walker is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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