“Moon Puddles” by Marc Bird

“Moon Puddles”, the latest release from the United Kingdom-based singer/songwriter Marc Bird. The gentle, easy-going groove washes over you like the tide. From actual waves to the unique drum groove, the instrumental provided the poetic vocals with a phenomenal foundation. The beautiful energy was unprecedented and unlike anything else.

An underlying intensity pushes everything forwards. Deepend by the chromatic movement of the chords, it expanded the mood set by the vocals. These vocal melodies used repetition to create a sense of familiarity despite not being exactly the same. By the end of the song, it already feels like something you’ve listened to for years.
Eerie and intriguing, the vocals pushed “Moon Puddles” through its various moods.

The melodies were easy to follow and complemented the atmosphere set by the rhythm section. Everything seemed to float along, not really in a rush to get anywhere. Instead, Marc Bird and the band sound perfectly content moving at their own pace. When the saxophone enters it warms the band’s sound, helping it all to drift into the ambient outro. Having this fade-in/fade-out effect that bookends the song helps it feel like a full-blown trip.

Four and a half minutes isn’t long for a song by any means. “Moon Puddles” manages to invoke thought and emotion, but most importantly it feels like a story. When it’s all said and done you find yourself looking back at what you just experienced. It happens for the best of songs and speaks for the band’s talent. Not only was “Moon Puddles” a beautiful song but a song that captured a completely unique feeling perfectly.

“Moon Puddles” by Marc Bird is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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