“Fade Away” by Se​​án McComish

Se​​án McComish’s latest release, “Fade Away” is simply awesome. The high-energy and funky instrumental supports McComish phenomenally. He easily matches the energy of the song and commands attention. Although it clocks in at just under three minutes, the energy and excitement make “Fade Away” feel much longer than that.

With so many highlights, it’s easy to find a favorite element. Whether it’s the confident and smooth vocals or the upbeat electronics there was constantly something to grab my attention. Even the transition from the gentle and almost ambient opening to the powerful groove sounded seamless despite the two sections’ differences in energy. Breakneck drums help the vocal melody lock-in and push everything forwards. Not only that, but all of the fills were tasteful and fit the mood perfectly.

I will be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for a funky groove. This groove goes beyond my personal bias, however. Each voice felt curated to the band’s sound, which in turn was curated to show off the vocals in the best way possible. Everything locked in and supported the voices around it while still doing its own thing.

“Fade Away” manages to capture a few different moods and commit to them entirely. Passionate performances make every single voice sound powerful and important while still allowing the vocals to truly lead the vibe. A great release that takes no time to leave you hooked and wanting more. An impressive performance by both Se​​án McComish and the band that kept him sounding phenomenal.

“Fade Away” by Se​​án McComish is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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