‘4 a.m.’ by Moonlight Thief

The end of a relationship is such a dark time. When you’re with someone, your whole life starts associating it with them, especially when it’s close and tight-knit. That’s why sometimes when things start to end, you struggle with not only your emotions toward them, but also your personal identity seems to shatter in some way. This is something that’s creatively explored in Moonlight Thief’s new, and first, single ‘4 a.m.’

‘4 a.m.’ is such a well-created and produced track. The acoustic guitar and emotional vocals give it a raw feeling, and it’s interesting how both acoustic and electric instrumentation is used. The vocals really stand out. They work with a smooth, powerful, and dynamic tone that really shines through the music and is built upon perfectly. The belting tones are powerful, and the softer and higher tone has just as much beauty in the way it’s delivered. Lead vocalist Emily Kupers really brings her passion into every part of her voice, and it’s astounding to hear.

The emotional writing put into ‘4 a.m. does a great job at pulling on the heart. There’s so much depth in the capturing of feelings of pain and self-disconnect. Moonlight Thief describes it as, “a sad and desperate song about the end of a relationship.” That desperation is totally apparent in the lyrics, and it does a great job exploring difficulties with the self and with trust as a relationship starts to fall apart. “The cheerful girl that I once was / The innocence I had and later lost / The walls around me, they are breaking,” the lyrics call out. This track has a lot to relate to, and there’s so much beauty to be explored within its lyricism. It does wonderfully at capturing the atmosphere of being up at 4 A.M. with the darkest corners of your thoughts creeping into the forefront of your mind.

Moonlight Thief is an alternative rock group consisting of Emily Küpers on vocals and acoustic guitar and Alexander Almering on electric guitar and drums. 4 A.M. is this two-piece’s debut single, and it’s definitely a strong start. This group was created for a school project in 2021, and it’s exciting to hear such an amazing and introspective sound coming from the world of academia. This is a first release that you definitely don’t want to miss, and the two subsequent singles are also amazing to explore.

Written by Sage Plapp




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