Philadelphia-based musician Just Shad is encouraging his listeners to go on ahead and continue being the life of the party — or just continue being great. In case you don’t have anyone to hype you up when you’re doing your thing, turn up Just Shad’s brand new single “Go!” and let the beat and melody guide you — don’t be afraid to let it move your body, as well.

The almost three-minute track consists of addicting beats that command you to dance, a great rhythm, and a sick melody. While the record has a sweet message, it’s nothing too deep and serious. The track is a sweet treat for listeners to enjoy and get lost in — would also make a great addition to a party playlist. Most of today’s hip-hop and rap is nothing but treats for the ears, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s exactly what we need to help us loosen up and unwind.

“Go!” is a phenomenal single to where well-known rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer T-Pain displayed his liking of the track on his Twitch Stream, in which he commented by saying Shad’s melodies are dope and that he enjoyed the song. If T-Pain likes it, there’s no doubt that millions of people will.

If you like Shad’s hit single, you can go listen to it on all music streaming platforms and you are strongly encouraged to share it with everyone you know. Who knows? Maybe a TikTok trend will emerge.

Written by Taylor Berry

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