“What You Wanted” by Ngels

An addictive array of gorgeous pysch-pop marred with tight production and emotive lyricism, Ngels (pronounced Angles) new single is lush and enchanting.

After releasing his debut album “Consequences” in January of 2021, Ngels has experienced extensive growth in his already matured songwriting ability and lyricism, clearly evident on “What You Wanted”. The solo Alt-Pop project of Tyler Godfrey (with Clint Holgate on production and co-writing), Ngels explores sonic landscapes with a unique instensity unlike any other.

Godfrey’s first records earnest individuality and vibrant soul garnered him a strong fanbase, allured by his addictive melodies and authenticity. Ngels descibed the album below:

“I wouldn’t say it’s a break-up record, necessarily” explains Godfrey, “but it has to do with addiction and losing a relationship in the process of recovery.”

One of the songs off his upcoming record, set to be released in Spring 2022, “What You Wanted” expamds on all the things that make Ngels so enigmatic and brilliant. Sonically, its rich use of dynamics and reverb adds a dystopian feel to the track. The electronic melodies are incredibly catchy and unique, seemlessly floating atop a musical background produced expertly by Holgate. Despite the music pulling you in, Godfrey’s captivating lyricsm invites you to stay. Alongside passionate performances and clever songwriting, “What You Wanted” is Ngels at his best.

With his second album soon to be released, there’s never been a better time to check out Ngel’s surrealy beautiful discography. With gorgeous production and clever song-writing on full display, “What You Wanted” is the perfect track to listen to first. Stream it here now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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