It turns out you’re the only one who can change your life and atmosphere. There isn’t a need to have fake friends or anyone in your life who doesn’t actually contribute to you in a positive way. Sometimes you have to move away from the people who cheat you and hurt you, even when that’s a hard thing to do. This is a message you can gather from the poetic lyricism written in Ascidzz’s track, ‘WAR.’

WAR is delivered with a vibrant mix of hip-hop and R&B with a beat to vibe to. It encapsulates a lo-fi sound within its production and smooth beat. The beat-driven rap lines have a hard flow, and the more R&B-inspired vocals provide nice and creative harmony. There’s a bit of bounce in the sung notes, adding a nice and snappy end to some phrases. The percussive beat smoothly carries this track along, keeping a flow that fits the dynamic energy of the vocals.

Lyrically, ‘WAR’ can be described by swapping the letters around. It’s raw. It encapsulates a story of betrayal and overcoming, and it does this succinctly. For example. It jumps from, “Pulled pants up just to get fucked again, submission / We was all struggling, they still stole, what’s a friend,” to “They gone be celebrating me / Neverminding all the days they played with me / Didn’t use no grace with me.” The voice of this song overcame these toxic friendships and the opposition in their way, so they could focus on working on themselves and chasing their dreams. It’s wonderfully worded and could be written and analyzed as if it was a poem. And the last line? You’ll just have to listen it, but it has an uplifting final note, and it hits just right.

Despues Green, or Ascidzz, is a songwriter based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has hundreds of thousands of streams on the tracks he’s written for numerous artists worldwide. ‘WAR’ was released in August 2021 and is his second to last single. It’s so far garnered over 50k streams. Ascidzz has an extremely eclectic hip-hop discography, exploring so many different sounds and other genres throughout. Every track is a breath of fresh air, and it’s a great discography to delve into. If you don’t know where to go after ‘WAR,’ you should check out his latest track ‘Thinking Man.’ It goes so hard.

Written by Sage Plapp

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