‘Mavalene’ by Small Pockets

It’s really hard to find warm and meaningful personal connections, especially in the age of the pandemic. Connections like these are something we long for. They’re important for our well-being and personal growth. That’s why Small Pockets wrote his debut track ‘Mavalene.’ This track details his nostalgic relationship with his late grandmother and captures the yearning for love and connection throughout the world.

‘Mavalene’ is such a smooth and gorgeous track of reminiscence.  It offers up this natural and dreamy sound through its use of the music and sound effects and has this aire of being adventurous while also being laid-back. The sound builds itself in a dreamlike way, being abruptly cut off in the end by the sound of an alarm. It’s like walking around a vibrant forest in a dream encapsulated by warm and comforting nostalgia. This track immediately encapsulates you in a warm and atmospheric soundscape, and it’s wonderful.

‘Mavalene’ was written from a personal standpoint. Known as Small Pockets in the music world, Joey Kirby wrote this track based on the warm connectiveness he had in his relationship with his grandmother. In a broader sense, it explores the yearning that many people today have for a warm and comforting relationship such as the one Kirby had with his Grandmother. She was a family figure who had an integral impact on his life. Things mentioned in the song such as Tetris, cigarettes, and coca-cola are things that make Kirby nostalgic due to them reminding him of the time he had spent with her. There’s a music video animated by Josephine Ruff-Sloan and Jennifer Frisco that gorgeously captures the idea and story that this song tells, and it really rounds out the entire listening experience.

Small Pockets is an Atlanta-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who uses voice memos to record things in the moment. He enlisted the help of Daniel Gleason and TJ Elias to record and produce ‘Mavalene’ at Big Trouble Recording, and their combined efforts have built into a wonderful first single. Small Pockets has been hard at work creating new music since then, having just released his latest single ‘good reason.’ This is a breakthrough artist that’s absolutely captivating and uses his music to paint perfectly picturesque scenes.

Written by Sage Plapp





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