“Silk Dress” by Ollie Twohill

Listeners will enjoy the story-telling style of Australia-based artist Ollie Two Hill in his latest single “Silk Dress,” which was inspired by his love to sing “Sk8er Boi” by pop-princess Avril Lavigne — who doesn’t? From the dynamics to the lyrics, there are many reasons this song is absolute perfection and attracts the listeners.

First, you must appreciate the acoustic nature in this piece. The song starts off with beautiful repeated guitar riff that makes the song so humble and uplifting. And, like any song, you fall in love with the buildup to the chorus when you hear all the instruments come in. One part of the song that is absolutely breathtaking and steals the hart — the harmonies! The harmonies do an excellent job in hyping up the mood of the piece, they contribute to the fact that the listener can feel the emotions in this piece.

The guitar solo in the middle of the song is short but mind-blowing. I love how everything in “Silk Dress” is continuously building. It’s unfortunate that the song comes to an end — you can’t get enough of it. If Twohill can get his listeners to feel the song’s immense energy through headphones, I wonder what performing live is like and how people feel?

Twohill is an outstanding artist who will go places with his incredible music. There’s no telling what’s in store for him in the future, but from the sounds of “Silk Dress,” Twohill is more than capable of making it to the top.

Written by Taylor Berry

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