18-year-old Swedish pop singer-songwriter blessed the world with his third single “Silence,” his first English language track. “Silence” is a pop song about being in a relationship where the partner isn’t being communicative, their only response is silence. Many who listen to the track will gravitate towards NORR’s voice, the lyrics, and the way the track was produced. Fun fact: NORR has complete control over his music career since he releases his work on his own label.

“Silence” has many factors that make the song incredible. For starters, the harmonies are absolutely tasty. They add color to the song and heightened the emotions in this piece. Produced beautifully, you enjoy the groovy nature and gravitate towards the rhythm. While the instrumentation is flawless, it’s appreciative how it’s nothing too intense to where it either drowns out NORR. Plus, there are instrumental breaks where you can admire the way it was produced — great balance!

It’s imperative to talk about NORR’s amazing voice! He knows how to grasp his listener’s attention through the passion and emotion in his vocals as he uses his voice to display his genius lyrics. NORR is a phenomenal singer that you can’t get enough of hearing him.

It’s amazing how NORR is a very young artist who is just starting out, but is also releasing quality music — it’s evident that this young performer will make it in the industry. If you liked “Silence,” you can find it on all music streaming platforms.

Written by Taylor Berry

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