“The Life and Times” by Lapels

From United Kingdom, Derby comes the Lapels. They write their own songs and they “share” the lead vocals, the newest single “The Life & Times” is sung by Nathan. Nathan is lead vocals, writer, rhythm and lead guitar and piano…Adam on drums…Andy is another singer/guitarist/songwriter and lastly bassist Will. The four of them make up Lapels.

With their latest single “The Life and Times”, they said to have released it specially to showcase how Lapels can deliver more melodic downtempo tracks, as well as uptempo. According to the group this track depicts how bad habits lead to a destructive lifestyle, and how choosing to ignore your faults, spirals into deeper depths, whilst life fritters away. Nathan sings from the weary, worn-down perspective of being tired of it all. 

“The Life and Times” starts off with Nathan singing with his acoustic guitar, and immediately draws you in with his vocals. When a band sings about real issues, it’s easier to love them because they make you feel less alone. At some point time you may have just ignored all your instincts and continued to do the wrong thing…knowing it was wrong.

That’s not something easy to mentally deal with, Lapels created this song to let you know that you are not alone. You’ve got to crawl out of that hole you have put yourself in, it’s not good physically or mentally. When the entire band joins in, you really start to feel the song in your soul.

Lapels have proven that they have range, and they are able to cater to multiple audiences. They are a four piece group that you won’t want to miss out on, join the other hundreds of thousand listeners they have on all their singles. Obviously the Lapels are doing something right.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Christina Jansen




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