“Ringleader” by Lxve

Get ready for the next big voice in emo rap, as Lxve’s latest song, “Ringleader,” is a hard-hitting, catchy, and ultra-addicting track. Not only does it showcase Lxve’s outrageous range, as he goes from soft-spoken verses to almost scream-like vocals in the chorus, but the captivating instrumental goes along flawlessly, creating a near-perfect emo-rap song. 

The emo-rap scene has changed over the years; finding new musicians with the same grittiness of early emo rappers like Lil Peep and Guardin are hard to come by, which is why Lxve is a force to be reckoned with. Aside from Lxve’s undeniable talent as a singer and rapper, his songwriting and storytelling skills are also remarkable. The track is not just another love song but is a full-on story about a circus performer who falls in love with the ringleader of their act, who ends up being a murderer. Lxve, taking the role of the circus performer, takes the blame for her killings, showcasing what one would do because of falling in love. 

The song begins with a beautiful instrumental, sounding like the beginning of a tragic love story. Lxve’s low-toned, raspy voice then comes in with the lyrics, “Run me out of town; kick me when I’m down; paint me like a clown, but I’m staying right beside you.” The lyrics are intriguing, as they are full of metaphors. The lyric “Paint me like a clown” highlights both his role in the circus and him knowing he is not making an intelligent decision by ruining his life for a murderer, thus being a “clown”. 

Keep a lookout for Lxve, as the world needs more honest, bold musicians. 2022 is destined to be his year.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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