“Escape to Paradise” by Tim Scott

Tim Scott is a solo artist who resides in Nisterau, Germany. He sings and his main instrument is the guitar, and also plays bass, keyboards, percussion and drums. He started making music in Manchester and decided he wanted to make an album so he bought some recording equipment and started making some tunes in my parents dining room.

“Escape to Paradise” is the latest single from Tim Scott, with this single his goal is to emotionally lift people up. This is all about having a fresh start in a new place. This upbeat funky song will immediately make you want to dance, you won’t be able to stop yourself from shuffling. Tim is providing a fun loving beat and it makes you feel safe.

Turn your radio on….thankfully Spotify exists because you can play “Escape to Paradise” on repeat, it’s a song that you can also daydream to. You will be zoned out and wondering where your paradise is? If you could escape right now with no worries, where would you go. Tim Scott wrote this song as he left the UK overnight.

This isn’t the first hit that Tim has made and it surely won’t be the last. He is making fun and relatable music that any can enjoy. “Escape to Paradise” will quickly be added to your morning vibe playlist, it’ll be the song that kick starts your day.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Matt Eachus




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