“That Girl” by Melbourne, Australia based solo artist Sharl, was first released on February 18th, 2022. The song begins with high, falsetto vocals conveying the emotions of a song about heartbreak in the early stages of dating. These vocals take center stage before other instruments like drums and guitar slowly join in. The song’s chorus is peppered by eerie whispers of “that girl, that girl, that girl” from Sharl, and the song’s album art depicts a pink diary with a diamond on it. These elements add to the intimate and highly personal nature of the song that could be a page from someone’s journal.

Though Sharl describes her musical endeavors as “writing the soundtrack of my life,” we’ve all been in the shoes of the main character in “That Girl.” “That Girl” tells the story of a situationship that’s soured and needs to end. Sharl describes being downgraded from a dating prospect to a late-night booty call by someone you’re crushing on. The narrator ultimately decides to maintain their dignity and end the relationship rather than continuing on in the motions of something emotionless and doomed to end because of feeling head over heels. Lyrics like “every smile of yours is a double edged knife through my heart,” utilize vivid imagery to convey the heart wrenching emotion of the song.

Sharl’s album, City Lights, is due to be released sometime in 2022—keep an eye out for it! Sharl’s talent earned her a spot as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, and we’re eager for more releases from her.





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