“Absolution” by Blondeking

Thomas Dickens is a one man band named Blondeking. In 2017 he decided to start producing music as a solo artist from Salt Lake City, UT, he just started releasing music just to have a way to share it with family friends. Now here he is with his first single of 2022, “Absolution”.

“Absolution” is very much a nostalgic song, you immediately resonate with the vibe of the song. Blondeking is bringing an 80s feel with this song, it makes you want to stand under a red light and just dance like noone is watching. When asked Thomas said “Absolution” is about feeling like everything is coming down on you and being encircled by chaos and constant demands. The chorus shows the yearning for a moment of peace and a way to “feel right” again.

There comes a moment in almost everyone’s life when they feel like they have to much on their mind and you are unable to handle it. When that moment of being overwhelmed arrives you should play “Absolution” and it will take your worries away. You will feel less alone as you hear Blondeking sing about similar struggles.

Blondeking will quickly become one of your favorite artists, he will be added to your daily playlist. With relatable lyrics and a beat that won’t quick “Absolution” will quickly rise in the ranks. Blondeking is making music so you won’t feel so alone.

I never wanted to be a front person. I was always content to hide in the background producing and writing the music so it is difficult for me at times to put myself so forward. Maybe that is why a lot of the songs express angst. Still, I have this machine in my soul that pushes me day in and day out to write and produce. So, I do it. Like it or not. It’s me. – Blondeking aka Thomas Dickens

Written by Jaye Maverick




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