“Beyond the Glass” by Joshua Woo

If you like Tame Impala or Fleet Foxes, you’re in for a treat with “Beyond The Glass” by Joshua Woo. Characterized by a beautiful, resonating reverb permeating all the instruments and sounds, this track creates a dream-like atmosphere. Apart from the ambiance, however, the song itself is well-crafted and lyrically fascinating. 

A tuneful guitar riff opens the song, echoing in tandem with a distant piano. A brief vocal interruption creates anticipation for the verse, which starts with an intriguing line: “Did you really disappear?” There’s something exhilarating about a statement like this–one that implies a conflict but has no context. It makes the listener want to hear the rest of the story. As for the sound of the verse, the vocal bright, nasal vocal timbre fits the genre perfectly. In a song that’s washy like this, a thinner-sounding tone cuts through well and creates a tonal balance.

The chorus drifts in effortlessly–a stack of new, evocative chords underlies the vocal and guitar melodies. Each space is filled with some kind of line, which is especially prevalent here but is ever-present throughout the song. The vocals do one thing, and then as soon as they finish, the guitar starts a new motif. This interplay keeps the listener’s ear engaged and excited for each moment.

The rest of the song unfolds similarly, but closer to the end the vocal and guitar lines join to form one melody. This is an extremely gratifying ending, considering this moment has been teased since the beginning of the song. As the song fades into a cloud of synth and harmonies, the listener is left delighted by the intellectual and sonic experience.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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