“Festival Door” by Emblematics

An indie rock band based in Canada, Emblematics delivers a synth-filled love song with their new single “Festival Door.” This song tackles the uncertainty love can bring, especially in a life that is complicated and full of other pressures. 

“Festival Door” begins with a love creeping up on the narrator. Saying “somewhere now I feel the sneaking presence of your fingers pressing into the base of my heart” paints a lovely metaphor of when someone begins to crawl their way into your heart. Love can sneak up on you, sometimes completely unconsciously, until one day you realize your heart is being held in their hands.

The vulnerability it requires to give your heart to someone is terrifying. It comes with the knowledge that they have the power to leave you and break your heart- yet all you can do is hope that they won’t. Emblematics asks “will you follow me, or will you let me go down? Don’t let me go down.” Will this person stay with me? Or will they drop my heart and break me? 

Love can end in a myriad of ways, but the test of the love in “Festival Door” comes from outside forces, rather than internal feelings. “When our heads submerge under all the weight that we force ourselves to hold up every day, will you follow me?” My favorite line in the song, it asks if this person will stay with them even when living feelings like drowning. “Festival Door” by Emblematics describes the longing for a relationship where you can feel safe with one another despite not feeling safe in the world.

Written by Emily Cushing





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