“Can’t Lose” by Bailey Tomkinson

The world better watch out for beautiful UK-based singer-songwriter Bailey Tomkinson! With a killer hit like “Can’t Lose,” there’s no stopping the pop-Americana and no telling where she’ll go with her next release, but we know it’s going to be something beyond spectacular.

With a voice like Martina McBride, Tomkinson doesn’t hesitate to please us with her quality vocal talents in her song “Can’t Lose.” The four-and-a-half minute track shows just how much of a versatile artist Tomkinson is. We get a mixture of authentic rock, pop, and country with a hint of an ‘80s touch, specifically with the tasty saxophone solo, which we will get to soon. 

It’s imperative to state that the song has an incredibly strong instrumental presence, however, Tomkinson’s singing drives the song and takes the listener on an unforeseeable adventure. The song continues to build and I love how the instrumentals and vocals work together to enhance the intensity of the song as it reaches the end. And you never want the song to end!

The saxophone is another highlight in the track and brings a lovely ‘80s touch. It complements each genre heard in the song and enhances the experience of listening to it. 

“Can’t Lose” is a great song and something you see yourself jamming to while on that drive or doing a chore — Tomkinson makes the listening experience spectacular. If you enjoyed listening to it, then feel free to share it with friends and add it to that summer playlist you’re curating. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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