“Winnin'” by Obeeyay

Utah’s emerging star Obeeyay (Oba Bonner) is breaking into the music scene with his spectacular electro-beats and beautiful lyrical style. The musician thrives for his listeners to have a great time when listening to his music, which is exactly what they’ll do when they get a whiff of his release “Winnin’,” which is the title of his newly released EP. 

Through chill beats and R&B vocals, Osbeeyay wins his audience’s attention, specifically they’re body’s attention. When listening to the track, don’t be afraid to listen to your body’s need to grind and move to the beat. Surprisingly, the instrumentals aren’t the only thing commanding you to move. Osbeeyay’s sexy vocals sneak up behind you, grab you by the waist, and move with your body like you’re in sync. 

“Winnin’” is a track you find yourself getting lost into whether you’re in the comfort of your own house or on a club’s dancefloor. You get a mixture of the chill factor while enjoying the song’s movement and energy. 

While Osbeeyay’s music may seem easy-listening, that doesn’t mean his hustle into the music industry was easy. According to the Utah artist, the industry caused him to mature, which will happen because this industry isn’t for the weak-hearted. 

Despite whatever may come with being in the industry, listeners are very appreciative of the artist’s talents and time put into the artwork. 

Feel free to follow Osbeeyay as he continues on his journey and share his music with those all around. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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