“Frequency” by David Givens

Written for himself and by himself, singer-songwriter David Givens shares his single “Frequency” with the world in hopes of helping those who went through what he experienced, especially during the pandemic. Dealing with loss, grief, and sickness, Givens wrote the track in Sept. 2021 and says that the song is him talking to himself while dealing with an anxiety attack.

Givens did an outstanding job with capturing his emotions sonically and enabling his listeners to feel and hear a glimpse of those emotions. It definitely makes you feel like this is an artist you can trust to not only express truth in one of art’s greatest forms, but also be open to listeners and allow them to see the emotional side. 

And, this is a given, but the “Frequency” singer is a beast when it comes to the pipes. Givens does not hold back in this song and unleashes his R&B vocal power on us in this record. In fact, he leaves you wanting more! It’s impossible to get enough of the singer-songwriter’s unbelievable vocal talent. You can absolutely hear and feel the passion through his voice.

Givens knew what to give the listeners even though the entire songwriting process was for him. He’s an artist that isn’t afraid to open his heart through his music and to the public. This is an artist I would recommend many people listen to because Givens is a great emerging artist — one to watch out for!

Written by Taylor Berry

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