“Hula Hoop Girl” by Boyd Kelly, Just Shy

Melbourne musicians Just Shy and Boyd Kelly are showing off with their new collaboration “Hula Hoop Girl”. The consider this track to be vibrant pop-funk track, and captures the freedom and joy of being lost in a moment of celebration. It’s the perfect song for a sunny day and outdoor activities.

“Hula Hoop Girl” will get you out your seat and onto the dance floor. According to Just Shy, he was inspired to write the track’s lyrics and melody following a surprising experience at a weekend music festival. “I found myself getting distracted from the festivities by my own thoughts,” he says, “until I noticed a handful of people hula hooping in the crowd. They seemed so locked into the moment – so present, and so content – and that really helped me pull myself out of my thoughts and into enjoying myself.”

With summer coming around the corner, this is a song that you will want to add to your summertime fun playlist. Grab a drink, head to the pool and blast “Hula Hoop Girl” and you summer will be just perfect. The second collaboration from the duo is no disappointment, they leave you wanting more and more.

See why everyone is raving over “Hula Hoop Girl”, you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with this song. It’ll be stuck in your head for hours after and leave a huge smile on your face.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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