“In Ur Net'” by Taylor B-W

Enjoy the coolest fusion of R&B, dance, reggaeton, and pop with Sydney-based musician Taylor B-W’s hit “In Ur Net.” Through infectious beats and haunting vocals, any person listening to the track will get lost in the track. Ironically, while Taylor B-W sings about being caught up in a net, we’re caught up in her music!

Unfortunately, the song ends and we’re left having to click the “repeat” button. But other than that, there’s nothing disappointing about the Sydney-based singer’s song. Taylor B-W knew exactly how to captivate her audience and she did just that. You feel the energy and intimacy in the song to the point where you don’t ever want the song to end. 

“In Ur Net” is a great taste of flavor from various genres. The fact that you’re getting different flavors blended into a pot and it’s coming out tasting and smelling right is incredible — just shows how much of a talented artist Taylor B-W is. 

According to the singer, the song is about finding yourself lost in the obsession for someone who doesn’t deserve it (relatable). Funny thing, Taylor B-W has listeners lost in their obsession with the track — but she deserves it. The track is beautifully produced and the vocals are beyond mesmerizing. 

There’s no doubt that many people will fall in love with the track. You can find “In Ur Net” on all music streaming platforms. Plus, you can follow Taylor B-W for more of her releases. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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