“Toxic'” by Chase Bennett (feat. Cole Bennett)

For those of you who are at a mental all time low just know you aren’t alone. Indianapolis rock star Chase Bennett’s latest relatable release “Toxic” featuring Cole Bennett vocally screams what many people feel and aren’t able to say out loud. So, thanks for that, Bennetts!

Now, with relatable and relevant lyrics that drip with a lot of angst, it’s only right to dress it up with converse, skin-tight Levi jeans, and a beanie hat — and there you have pop punk.

But on a serious note, the track is very easy to enjoy and relate to. While older generations may have an issue connecting with the song due to the nostalgic yet “whiny” sound (which a lot of teen-angst songs from the early ‘00s have), I strongly believe that many of the younger generation will see no problem connecting with it since it’s very straightforward with its meaning and, again, the sound is nostalgic and closer to their time. 

As mentioned before, the song is relatable because when you’re trying to break into a certain industry where requirements and expectations alter as time progres, it’s frustrating trying to appeal to those standards while simultaneously seeming original from other people chasing the same thing you’re going after.

Overall, “Toxic” is a great track that will get lots of attention and would make a great addition to that summer playlist. You can find the track on all music streaming platforms and are encouraged to share with those around you. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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