“The Child” by MonkeyRat

The light and atmospheric vibe of “The Child” will encaptivate you immediately. MonkeyRat does a fantastic job capturing your attention and gracing every last lyric with beauty. Jazzy vocals greet you right away, meandering from one verse to the next. Not only was Anna Sofía Skoradal, the vocalist, easily spotlighted but fully supported by the ever-evolving instrumental.

What kept me putting “The Child” on repeat was the unpredictability of the texture. While the songs beauty was a constant driving force, sometimes the instrumental was full of colorful synthesizers, but others opted for cool drum kits. Sometimes it even opted to thin out to the point the vocals were almost acapella. No matter how many voices or what they were, however, everything tied together perfectly.

Introspective lyrics paint a picture of vulnerability. They’re poetic and complement the airy vocal melodies perfectly. Floating almost ethereally overtop they elevated all the greatest aspects of the instrumental. Harmonies were rich and full, while still matching the delicate tone. An absolutely gorgeous song that gets prettier every new listen. 

Defined by its vulnerability, the various supporting voices help give the song energy and bolster the mood. Instead of giving into the sadness of the vocals, the two complement and contrast one another phenomenally. Sometimes “The Child” leaned into the heavier and more emotional elements, while at others allowed the melodic instrumental voices take the lead. No matter what voice was at the focal point, MonkeyRat sound beautiful, passionate and cool on this awesome new release.

“The Child” by MonkeyRat is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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