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Review & Interview: “Don’t Judge by the Colour” by King Fabbs

“Your heart of hate is all you know.” Singer and songwriter King Fabbs’ song titled “Don’t Judge by the Colour” tackles the important topic of racism in a fabulous and upbeat way. The track, released December 9, 2021, was written and performed by the Canadian artist who aims to inspire and represent people of color.

After the events of the last hundred years or so – more relevantly, the events of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others – this is a song that speaks volumes about the racism, hatred, and ignorance that is still alive today. From the title alone, you can get a good idea of what it might be about, but then you listen to it and the words bounce around you. You know you’re listening to something that matters.

“Don’t Judge by the Colour” begins with a catchy, quick-paced percussion sound before jumping into guitar. The very punk vibe reminds me of 90s Green Day, Good Charlotte or Simple Plan but still sounds modern. It is a wonderful blend of the eras and influences that shaped King Fabbs’ sound and I absolutely love everything about it. I mentioned the lyrics earlier, but they’re a fantastic look into what it’s like for people of color and I truly believe everyone should give this song a chance.

Can we expect more great things from King Fabbs? I believe so. The new artist has only been on the scene for a year, but his love of music began in his early adolescent years when he got his first guitar. For more on this release and those to come, follow King Fabbs on his socials linked below. 

Q&A with King Fabbs

Q: “Judge By The Colour” is such a great song. What was the creative process behind it?

KING FABBS: Watching racism spiral out of control in 2020 and seeing the death of George Floyd, I started to write this song. I wanted to write a song that had the same meaning as the song “Black or White” by Michael Jackson. It’s so hard watching people of colour go through these things. It’s been happening for way too long. It makes me afraid to leave my house sometimes. I just hope that I can inspire change with my music and that’s what I’m hoping this song can do one day.

Q: Have any bands in particular inspired your sound?

KING FABBS: There are several bands that have inspired my sound! A few of those bands are All Time Low, Marianas Trench, State Champs, Paramore, Green Day, and Stand Atlantic. 

Q: Who would you like to work with if it could be anyone in the world?

KING FABBS: Alex Gaskarth from All time Low, or Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench. Both of those guys are super talented song writers and a collaboration with them would be unreal!

Q: You play many instruments, having gotten your start on a guitar you got for Christmas. What before that pushed you toward making music?

KING FABBS: Before I played guitar I was playing Alto Sax in school band. Being in a musical environment all the time really fuelled my drive in music. I started to watch lots of concerts and live performances and I just knew that making music is what I wanted to do. The way it brings people together and having thousands of people screaming words back to you is just so incredible!

Q: What projects do you have in the works?

KING FABBS: I’m currently working on new music that I want to release within the next few months, and I have a music video on the way for most most recent single “Don’t Judge by the Colour!” 

Q: Is there any advice you’d like to offer up and coming artists?

KING FABBS: Stick to what you want to do! Don’t let people decide for you! Do your craft YOUR way. People want to see your authentic side! 

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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