“Electric Candle Light” by JW Paris

JW Paris is a rock trio from the United Kingdom. On their latest release, “Electric Candle Light” they pair their cool grungy sound with lyrics of being fed-up. High-energy defines the band’s sound, even going as far as to sound a lot thicker than just a few voices. The texture was constantly evolving without losing the core energy JW Paris set right away.

From electric guitars that will set your garage ablaze to Drums as steady as a rock (not the music genre), there is never a moment that doesn’t utilize all of JW Paris’ powerful sound. Similar to artists like Moonwalker or Rage Against the Machine, the band’s true strength is painting frustration in a catchy and approachable way. Supported by the thick rhythm section, the vocals manage to strike a perfect balance between poeticism and honesty.

Whenever the chorus came around, “Electric Candle Light” felt like it took steroids. The sound thickened, the energy picked up, and everything just seemed to lock together. Plus, transitions leading into them were subtle, so you’d find yourself humming along before realizing why it was familiar. An outstanding example of keeping energy high for the duration, without it getting stale or draining.

“Electric Candle Light” is a song filled with highlights. A song that will wake you up more than a morning cup of coffee. All of this while still sounding well-spoken and eloquent. It’s easy to make a song that is loud and angry but to make a song that’s enjoyable as well is always impressive.

“Electric Candle Light” by JW Paris is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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