“I’m Still Loyal” by Yona Marie

Anthemic, beautiful, and soulful are some of the words to describe singer-songwriter Yona Marie’s single “I’m Still Loyal.” Throughout the song, Marie shows us exactly what a loyal person is like and that having a loyal person in your life not only benefits you but inspires other people to by loyal. And if you haven’t had that loyal person in your life, yet, know that they’re coming.

On a serious note, “I’m Still Loyal” is a beautiful song with an amazing concept. Filled with simple but empowering lyrics and stunning vocals, the track is easy to fall in love with. The beat is not too complex but it makes the music enjoyable. While some of the lyrics are repetitive, it doesn’t take away the fact that the track is amazing — and some songs need repetition to emphasize a point.

Marie is not new to the music scene, she’s been pursuing music since 2014 (a really long time) and it’s evident in her voice. She has a beautiful voice that you can just listen to for hours. After doing music for so long, there’s no doubt that we will continue hearing more from the talented singer. Her most recent release is called “Purify Calypso Jingle,” and you find some of her previous work on all music streaming platforms. You’re also encouraged to follow her on her music journey through social media.

Thank you, Yona Marie, for this incredible song! We can’t wait to hear more upcoming releases that are in store.

Written by: Taylor Berry

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