“Concrete Moon” by hyet

Defiant and punchy alt rock, “Concrete Moon” is a powerful new single from Minnesotan based project hyet.

hyet is a music project created by Mark Estephan. After spending years playing in bands and being a live sound technician for others, Mark decided to go for broke and throw all his time and money into his own music. Despite running into problems with forming a band due to his epiphany occurring right in the middle of the Covid-19, Estephan took matters into his own hands and wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and produced all his own material.

His newest single “Concrete Moon” explores the weight of toxic relationships and the journey to overcome them and better yourself. Inspired by a rebellious spirit that overtook him one evening, the vibe is powerful and addictive from start to finish. Estephan’s passion bleeds through every chord change. Memorable and thoroughly enjoyable, “Concrete Moon” houses a glimpse into hyet’s growing songwriting ability with a tight structure and chord progressionsthat flow seamlessly.

hyet spoke about the track below

“The song is about toxic people in your life telling you that you’re not good enough, and that in fact you’re a bad person for wanting to improve your conditions, and then the subject replying with a promise to never stop trying to better themselves, regardless of what anyone says”

A serenely catchy and sophisticated track that’s endlessly endearing, hyet’s “Concrete Moon” is Esptephan’s best track yet. Mature song writing alongside energetic alt rock makes this a thoroughly addictive single that also stands as the perfect introduction to hyet’s stunning discography. Stream “Concrete Moon” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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