“Cool” by Mia Delamar

Being cool is a mindset more than anything else. Something that makes you feel on top of the world, like a million dollars. Mia Delamar, a singer/songwriter from Georgia captures that feeling perfectly on her aptly named new song, “Cool”. Beautiful vocals are met with bass lines that rattle speakers and heavy drums to push everything along.

Vibey and energetic, Delamar’s vocals perfectly define the song’s mood. Every last vocal riff stood out and showed off the pure talent that went into making this song. Easily pairing her laid-back attitude with vivid storytelling and catchy melodies – “Cool” is bound to stay stuck in your head for weeks. 

Upbeat organ moves playfully in the background, giving support but never leaving its pocket. With the blown-out drum kit and delicate backing vocals, the instrumental was fun enough that it could have stood on its own. That being said, when paired with the RnB vocals everything gets better. The texture thickens and harmonies get more colorful which suits the song’s vivid imagery perfectly. 

Vulnerable and honest, “Cool” reflects on the trials and tribulations that come with love. Something that can make you feel better than anything else also has the ability to do the opposite. Mia Delamar passionately explores this duality in an approachable and catchy way. Through both the poetic verses and the groovy chorus she manages to be personable and down to Earth. As memorable as it is just enjoyable to listen to. At the end of the day, what truly matters is how nice a song is to listen to, and “Cool” is absolutely phenomenal.

“Cool” by Mia Delamar is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts



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