“Kryptonite for the Superman” by Metrophobia

Energetic and infectiously catchy, “Kyrptonite for the Superman” expands on Metrophobia’s distinct sound with strong production quality and a uniquely modern sound.

Made up of Markus Gmür (vocals, acoustic guitar) and José Garrido (guitar, bass, drums programming), Metrophobia have defined their sound as a blend of the bands that helped shape their sound and their own modern sensibilities and production quality. Influenced by alt/indie rock of the 90’s, from Ride, Pavement and Dinosaur Jr to Guided By Voices and Grandaddy they wear their inspirations on their sleeve. The Swiss/Spanish duo have spent the last year working hard to write and record their stunning debut album “Silent Treatment” that came out 13th August, 2021.

Expanding on the success of the album, the group have released “Kryptonite for the Superman”, a strong foray into a more dynamically rich sound that works well with the groups many strengths as songwriters and musicians alike. Pulled in by its catchy melodies and powerful rhythm, the lyrics are what make you stay, telling the story of a woman searching for a decent man in a sea of egocentric losers. The radio-friendly sound paired with the strong sense of self found within the band’s lyricism is one of the many strengths of the song.

With a brilliant debut album already under their belt, “Kryptonite for the Superman” is a perfect next step for Metrophobia. Rich in production quality and housing a tight rhythm section and strong lyricism, it’s the perfect track to sink your teeth into the groups sound. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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