“Crossroad” by Losun

Perfect for springtime, Losun’s newest release “Crossroad” is a ton of fun to listen to. This energizing new track effortlessly combines light energy and deeply emotional lyrics in an exciting and unique way. Sometimes psychedelic, while at others leaning into the pop elements, there’s never a single moment that isn’t cool.

Released alongside an entertaining and artistic music video, “Crossroad” shows off Losun’s personality phenomenally. Keeping the energy high even through the instrumental sections, there’s never a part that feels out of place or unnecessary. The type of song that will run through your head all day. From the infectious melodies to the easily remembered lyrics it’s the perfect recipe for a catchy song.

Easy-going and uplifting instrumentals support the vocals phenomenally through the chorus. When the breakdown happens the energy twists and morphs but never loses the groove. By the time everything comes full circle the familiar melody will bring a smile to your face. Every new repetition doesn’t change that either, each and every time it’s exciting and a delight to listen to.

What makes “Crossroad” especially impressive isn’t its catchy melodies or relatable lyricism; it’s how many different feelings and moods it captures. Sometimes poetic, other times happy. Sometimes psychedelic instrumental solos, other times memorable chorus’. It’s Losun’s versatility and range that help bring out all of the coolest elements of this already fun song. Without the passionate performance, “Crossroad” wouldn’t have been as awesome as it was. Not many artists can pull off the duality of good songwriting and powerful, encaptivating performances as well as Losun.

“Crossroad” by Losun is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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