“Feed The Fire” by SODIE

Ambient chords greet you on “Feed The Fire”, the latest release from SODIE, the indie singer/songwriter from Honolulu. When vocals enter the texture, the song maintains the atmospheric vibe while kicking the energy into the next gear. Although the song is just over two and a half minutes long, it feels like it’s over in a heartbeat. Whenever one section ends, the next has already begun.

Easy-going, yet intense – the groove envelops you. There’s no way to half-listen to this gorgeous track. Emotional lyrics pull you in while the light melodies float by delicately. Plus, no matter how many different voices were contributing, everything felt full and necessary for the song’s energy. 

What makes “Feed The Fire” really stand apart from other music is how well the vulnerable lyrics pair with the gentle atmosphere. Although poetic they‘re easy to follow and don’t require a lot from the listener, while still decorating the song’s sentiment. Not only was it beautiful, but the beauty felt effortless too. Sometimes opting to let the synthesizer pads take the spotlight, while at others leaning into the harrowing verses. No matter what the focal point was, however, there was never a moment that felt lacking.

Between cooly layered vocals and the relaxing instrumental, “Feed The Fire” leans into its best elements and lets them lead the groove. Upbeat drums contrast the easy-going almost ethereal vocals perfectly allowing everything to stay mellow and just vibe. A great song that makes you, think, feel, and enjoy every minute.

“Feed The Fire” by SODIE is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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