“Two Birds” by Alli Bean

Who said jazz music couldn’t be a radio hit? Alli Bean’s latest song, “Two Birds,” proves that jazz can be modern, as it is a jazz track with a fresh twist; not only is the song itself uplifting and captivating, but its ultra-addicting melody brings the listener in within the first few seconds. Consisting of an upbeat tune and Alli Bean’s infectious, bubbly voice, “Two Birds” is impossible to listen to without putting a smile on one’s face. 

According to Alli Bean, “Two Birds” is about the choices of love and not losing oneself when falling in love, but instead, “fly close to them.” Poetic in the sense of Alli’s lyrics and the instrumental itself, “Two Birds” is a groovy song about love and the choices you make when being in love. 

“Two Birds” is the second single off Alli Bean’s upcoming debut album, “Outside Voice,” consisting of seven jazzy, fun songs. Without listening, one can guess each piece will be just as alluring as the last. From the sound of Alli’s unique and genuinely enthralling voice, she the definition of an artist on the rise. She’s been perfecting her craft, as “Outside Voice” is an album that has been in the works since 2017. Due to her absence from live performing because of Covid and with the help of West Coast musicians Dave Friend and Stewart McLellan, the three have been creating her distinct sound that will be heard in “Outside Voice.” 

Listen to “Two Birds” and the uplifting excitement it encapsulates. Alli Bean’s debut album “Outside Voice” will be available on June 1st, 2022.

Photo credits: 

Raymond Knight – Knight Studios

Johanna Vanderpol – dodgeandburn.ca

Written by Melissa Cusano

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