“Always Gonna Let You Down” by gloomy june

When it comes to releases by the incredibly talented 4 piece nostalgic rock band gloomy june, I’ve come to expect high-energy and deep storytelling. Their newest song, “Always Gonna Let You Down” is no exception. Powerful and relatable there’s never a moment that isn’t awesome. Paired with a cool and artistic music video, this incredibly well-rounded release sets the tone for their upcoming EP “Popsick” which debuts on the 13th of May.

Heavy instrumentals pair excellently with the melodic vocals. Sounding almost like a nostalgic Walk The Moon release, “Always Gonna Let You Down” is catchy and stays stuck in your head for hours after listening. From the light layered vocals through the chorus to the eerily familiar melodies there’s nothing but highlights. Through every new repetition, the awesome songwriting finds a new way to decorate the song‘s cool texture.

Led by splashy drums and strong guitars, the energy stays sky high through the songs for ~four minutes. What gave this song its one-of-a-kind sound was the contrast between the vocals and instrumental. Through the song’s various transitions the rhythm section was animated and actively supported the lead melodies. Whether this meant thinning out to bring out a certain color or just giving the support they needed they constantly were adapting. Light vocals seemed to float over top, paving their own path. That’s not to say they weren’t following the instrumental; instead, they were in tune with the band to the point where they could do their own thing. The result was unforgettable. An awesome addition to gloomy june’s growing discography.

“Always Gonna Let You Down” by gloomy june is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts



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