“Color of Time” by Minai

If you think 80s metal rock is long gone, Minai’s new single, “Color of Time,” will prove you wrong. Serving as the leading single off the band’s upcoming album, “Love Has A Bitter Taste,” “Color of Time” ramps up the excitement, getting listeners ready for an 80s hair metal dream. 

“Color of Time” features a multi-talented band: Onur Yıldırım on vocals, synthesizer, and electric guitar, Atakan Yanar on drums and percussion, and Emre Can Yenikan on synthesizer and bass guitar. The three-person group creates their distinct sound, which is a modern, fresh take on hard rock. The band’s sound is a perfect mix of contemporary rock and nostalgia in a way that works together for rock fans of all generations.

Once Onur Yıldırım’s alluring voice comes in, reminiscent of 80s legend Freddie Mercury, the enchanting journey of the song truly begins. Starting with soaring guitars and hard-hitting drums, “Color of Time” has a captivating feel to it right away. As the music continues, the 80s hard rock element slows down, and Yıldırım’s voice takes a back seat. The rock track now sounds like an 80s electronic house song, with its trippy synthesizer tones. After the music slows down for a bit, the guitars begin to ramp up again; “Color of Time” is a song that will keep listeners on their toes, as it has a different surprising element at every corner. 

Keep a lookout for Minai’s upcoming album “Love Has A Bitter Taste,” which comes out in July 2022. If it’s anything like “Color of Time,” it will be an exciting journey of an album.

Photo credits please: Onur Yıldırım, Emre Yenikan

Written by Melissa Cusano

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