“STUPID BET” by Dani Twice

Colombian singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-talented creative artist Dani Twice has a new hard-hitting, ultra-addicting track, “STUPID BET” The song shows Dani Twice’s impeccable flow and nearly flawless production, creating the ultimate club song just in time for the summer. 

After coming off of his successful single, “Jump,” which had a much more exhilarating vibe, “STUPID BET” takes a laid-back approach, with its nostalgic melody and Dani Twice’s captivating vocals. With the chorus repeating the lyrics, “I need to wake up,” the meaning behind the track, although an overall upbeat melody, has a deeper meaning. 

According to Dani Twice, “STUPID BET” is about being at your lowest when all you need is a wake-up call. The “bet” mentioned is a bet between a couple, one being a people pleaser and one being dangerously in love. Towards the end of the track, Dani Twice keeps repeating, “I need to wake up,” as the melody slowly gets quieter in the distance, possibly referring to him eventually waking both him and the girl up to reality. It’s a melancholic message, but a message that many need to hear in order to receive that “wake-up call”

“STUPID BET” has such an addicting melody and beat that no one will be able to get enough of this sultry, catchy song. Bouncy drums, an almost cartoon-like melody, and a beat that is so alluring: Check out Dani Twice’s “STUPID BET” and his other music, as it is the perfect company for any summer party. 

Written by Melissa Cusano

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