‘That Bad’ by Tony Loud Woodz

We’ve all either been in or known someone who’s been in a one-sided relationship. This is never healthy, and that’s because relationships are made to have more than one side to them. They take effort and care from one person to another and vice versa. It leads you to wonder, why am I putting in all this effort when they aren’t? Or, do they even like me for the person I am? Tony Loud Woodz explores this concept in his latest track ‘That Bad!’ which comes from the eyes of someone who feels used in their relationship. This single is a part of his latest album, ‘What The Hell Is This?’

‘That Bad!’ is one of those tracks that lets the vocals shine. The instrumentation and percussion both utilize vocals within them, and they build a dreamy and entrancing background to the vocal bars. The rapping and singing in this track are nothing short of dynamic, and Tony Loud Woodz puts a lot of emotion behind it. You can tell by listening that he’s passionate about the music he creates, and he cares about what feeling his music is trying to portray. Everything about the instrumentation and production seems extremely purposeful.

‘That Bad!’ also lyrically captures a snap back at a toxic relationship with a person that seems to only like you for the things you give to them while always wanting more. It tells a story of not feeling truly wanted by someone because they always seem passive and distant when it comes to spending time with you. These kinds of relationships are one-sided, they’re unaffirming. They can make you feel unwanted and uncared for. There’s a lot of genuineness in portraying the feeling of getting tired of an empty relationship with someone who always wants more.

Tony Loud Woodz is a hip-hop/r&b artist based in Philadelphia. His music is energetic, dynamic, and a little bit weird. In the right way. There’s so much originality to his sound. ‘What The Hell is This’ is such a hit for a debut album, and there aren’t really any tracks that are misses. Each has its own distinct sound, and Tony’s rap bars are dynamic through each track. There’s so much rawness and emotion throughout all of it. It’s just fire. The musical basis in this album has a bit of a dreamy lo-fi sound through its synthy instrumentation and a trap basis throughout the percussion. These running themes pull the dynamic sound together to make this album one that’s also cohesive. ‘What The Hell Is This’ is a phenomenal album, and ‘That Bad!’ is a great single to jump in with.

Written by Sage Plapp





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