“Stand” by people on tv

Three piece band people on tv comes from Brisbane, Australia. The group consists of Dave Gilbert who is the vocalist and guitarist, bassist Steve Swart and Oliver Fawcett on drums. “Stand” is the second release from the group, which follows poplar first release “Rewind” which made over 2500 people fall in love. “Stand” was recorded at The Scarlett Owl by Shaun Richardson and mixed by ARIA award-winning producer Magoo.

According to the group, “Stand” is a tune that is featuring a hypnotic driving beat and soundscape of guitar. it’s either your get ready anthem or your long Sunday drive shake out. When you play “Stand” you will understand the obsession of the 4,000 people who listened to it. It is a laid back song that you are going to want to play after a long day, it’ll help you calm down.

To avoid going into a trance that “Stand” inevitably brings on, you can watch the music video associated with the song. people on tv, will soon become a favorite band of yours, with only two singles out, they have already created two hits.

You will be excited to watch the video and listen to the song, you will feel like a new person. You will feel like you are part of the band, they do a great job at making you feel included. “Stand” will become a favorite song that you’ll add to your relaxation playlists, and you won’t regret a thing.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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