‘Third Times A Charm’ by Charlotte Waltz

Sometimes there are people in our lives that have gotten too many chances. At that point, it’s time to wrap up that chapter and move forward from the toxicity that connection is bringing to our lives. This is a wonderful way to interpret the lyrics to Charlotte Waltz’s newest single ‘Third Time’s A Charm.’ This track truly speaks a message of closure and can apply to more life situations than having to walk away from a friend or loved one. It could represent closure in so many different forms, having given whatever you’re closing up far too many chances.

There’s something ominous about the start of ‘Third Time’s A Charm,’ which is perfectly smashed through by the percussion, bass, and vocals. Charlotte Waltz truly serves it in this track. Her vocals are powerful and dynamic, working in a softer and louder range on top of a brighter and darker range. She draws out her vocal lines and notes to add a sultry and full presence to the music. There’s great buildup as the song moves on, and Charlotte proves with each verse that she can always be more powerful. There’s something ethereal about it. There’s something captivating about it. This track is phenomenal, and the production lets everything hit with the clarity necessary to display such powerful musicianship.

The lyrics to open ‘Third Time’s A Charm have a poetic and eerie tone, much like the music. “Here comes the dark,” it cuts in. There’s just a presence and feeling of death that this pulls in. It begs you to immediately ask about its meaning. It may mean something along the lines of the death of a relationship. As the lyrical tale is built, it explores being caught in the same cycle while having someone who wants you to lose. As the title and lyrics state, “Third time’s the charm.”  It sounds like the voice of the song has been wronged by someone close to them, and their chances are finally up. Here comes the dark; the closure to the relationship.

Miami-based music artist Charlotte Waltz has the perfect story of rising up from being a choir kid to being a powerful independent performer. She writes music based on an introspective perspective, wanting to break the musical mold to release real and raw tracks that can be related to from numerous points of view. Her lyricism is developed in a way that allows others to bring their own personal experiences into how they understand the lyrics. It’s poetic and wonderful. It gives solace and connection to people, even if they haven’t lived the same lives or had the exact same experiences. You just won’t be able to get over, ‘Third Time’s A Charm.’

Written by Sage Plapp





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