“Catching Fire” by Bjartmar

Bjartmar’s latest track is gorgeously dreamy and hypnotizing dark electro-pop, that pulls you in from its astounding opening bars.

Rooted in a strong sense of eccentricity and experimental to its core, “Catching Fire” is wholly unique and original electronic pop. While some similarities could be drawn to Massive Attack’s lush sonic landscapes, the dark trip-hop identity driving the song elevates it above simplistic characterization. Housing seminal melodies and stunning chord progressions “Catching Fire” explores the effects of love so intense it makes us lose track of ourselves and ignore red flags.

The production is tight while still letting the track breathe naturally, making the electronic soundscape bubble gorgeously. Produced by Zoe Ruth Erwin, the smooth bass and haunting vocal arrangement make the dark trip-hop come to life beautifully. Zöe is probably best known as frontwoman of Los Angeles based band Little Red Lung, but also for writing the title track for the hit Icelandic film Lof mér að falla. She has just released her album, Shook, which is out via Alda Music (Now part of Universal).

Intimate and personal but ultimately accessible, “Catching Fire” has Bjartmar’s typical warmth and groove but an added sprinkling of hypnotizing darkness that makes for an utterly unique listening experience. With an eclectic discography already under his belt and this new track exploring further captivating arrangements and sounds, there’s no better time to sink your teeth into Bjartmar’s stunning discography. Stream “Catching Fire” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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