An utterly addictive new track from Enid houses stunning chord progressions and gorgeous vocals that take you on a cerebral journey from start to finish.

Ethereal in its essence but modern in execution, “And I” perfectly captures the mythical identity that defines Enid’s music with modern chord progressions that are endlessly endearing and slick new age production. “And I” is a tale of hope and empathy, with enchanting lyrics swirling around a stunning sonic landscape that breathes as if with a life of its own.

While hypnotic and surreal, “And I” has an urgency to it that keeps the track rolling along perfectly. The slick and subtle bass groove alongside the shimmery guitar provides an almost dream-pop atmosphere that’s reeled in by an impressive vocal performance by Nawal to create an utterly unique vibe. The pop melody and chords are reminiscent of an early 2000’s song but the swirling soundscape has a stunning nostalgia that’s extremely addictive.

The drums are the perfect 90’s rock vibe for the backbeat of “And I”, chugging along with casual intensity. Alongside the captivating vocal elasticity displayed throughout, they really stand out.

Only the second single from Enid, the maturity and songwriting ability on display in this track is astounding. Paired with well-polished production quality, Enid’s future is looking brighter and brighter every day. At the very start of a promising career, now is the best time to check out their latest single “And I”. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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