“I Love This Place” by My Friend The Chimpanzee

Swirling synth pop that burns with a fiery intensity from start to finish, “I Love This Place” is a track that hits all the right notes.               

Founded in 2018, “My Friend The Chimpanzee” is the ongoing collaboration between producers Josef Umschaid (drums and fx) and Lukas Wieser (strings and synths) from Vienna/Austria. While their sound houses several influences, most notably Absolute Beginner and Alt-J, it’s hard to pinpoint or water down their wholly unique aura to just a few adjectives. Despite this, one thing that stay constant in their glitchy, warm sound is a strong sense of self and melody. Their newest track “I Love This Place” is no different.

A playful reminder to appreciate Earth that took inspiration from Jean-Paul Satre’s play ‘No Exit’, the song has a charisma that elevates it above other alt synth track that often get lost in their own haziness. “I Love This Place” knows what it wants to be and achieves it.

The production quality is high, allowing the bass to be heard powerfully adding an intensity to the track. The vocals sit neatly in the mix and the lyrics match the established vibe remarkably well. You find yourself falling into the rhythm of the song effortlessly, lost in its warmth.

An eclectic mix of strong performances and great influences, this new track is the perfect introduction to My Friend The Chimpanzee who are at the very start of their budding career. Stream “I Love This Place” now!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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