“Partners in Crime” by The Ramble

Addictive and powerful rock, “Partners in Crime” is an electrifying track that burns with delightful passion and purpose.


Energetic stadium rock at its finest, The Ramble are one of New Jersey’s most exciting hard rock bands on the rise today. Made up of Roland Dan (Vocals), Sergio Ripa (Guitar), Colin Myers (Keys/Piano) and Julian Lee/Grady Steel on drums, the groups tight live shows and chemistry as a band have garnered them a budding fanbase. Inspired by classics like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Journey and Alice Cooper, all of these influences can be heard in the foundations of “Partners in Crime”. The modern production and songwriting sensibilities make the song an utterly unique experience that’s both nostalgic and forward thinking.

When asked about the song’s inspiration the band said, “Partners in Crime was inspired by the love hate relationship of the modern couple that live in the big city.” Evident throughout the track’s energy and authenticity, “Partners in Crime” has a charisma that’s hard to pinpoint.

A strong pairing of tight production and clever song writing, The Ramble have nailed “Partners in Crime” with its catchy old-school rock appeal. Captivating from start to finish, the bands intense passion bleeds through every note and makes for an incredible listening experience. Stream “Partners in Crime” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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